The quality equipment that Kello-Bilt produces today is a result of over 35 years of experience in the farm and construction business. In the early 1960′s Fred Kellough, along with his sons Vic and Hugh became more and more involved in the business of brushing, breaking and preparing land for farming in central Alberta, Canada.

Although they imported and modified discs to perform these tasks, the trio were never happy with these inferior products and they decided to start building their own equipment. The discs they built quickly caught the attention of local farmers. By 1968, they were manufacturing a variety of discs of their own design. In 1973 high demand led to the construction of a large manufacturing facility in the central Alberta community of Stettler.

The company expanded rapidly as tractor horsepower increased and the demand for heavier wider equipment grew. Increasing domestic demand and expansion into the export market led to the establishment of a separate marketing arm, Kello-Bilt Industries, in 1978. The company continued to develop its disc line throughout the 1980′s and introduced the oil-bath bearing system to a market already impressed with its products.

Though Fred passed away in 1987, his sons and grandson carry-on the tradition of excellence he instilled in the company. By 1994 Kello-Bilt had relocated to Red Deer – the industrial and commercial hub of central Alberta. Kello-Bilt products continue to evolve as the demands of modern farming change.
Today, Kello-Bilt discs are appreciated by farmers and contractors throughout western Canada, the major U.S. agricultural states and in countries such as Australia, England, France and even the Sudan. Wherever they are found, our discs will continue the heritage of quality and durability associated with the Kello-Bilt name for generations to come.

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