Innovation Through Technology – In Farming. We know listening is vital to the development of equipment that will work, endure and improve productivity.
Customers, distributors and dealers tell us what they think about our products, and we incorporate the best of their ideas into new designs. This commitment to listening and product development is critical to maintaining credibility and having the best available equipment in a competitive global market.

Quality and Safety First – ISO Certified
High quality manufacturing results from well-designed products, excellent tools and equipment for people to work with, and, especially, well-trained and highly motivated employees. We keep our staff informed, answer their questions, and develop their skills and knowledge as part of our long-term goal.

Our Quality Management System is committed to continually improving our products and services. We have implemented a “Do it Right the First Time” program as we strive to meet customer requirements and continually increase customer satisfaction.

Safety is extremely important to us. We want to make products safely and make them right. We have made great strides in reducing workplace injuries because of an all-round effort and a commitment at all levels of the company. It’s the driving force behind improving safety standards for our customers, our employees and their families.

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